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I’m excited to announce my podcast, Carolyn North Out Loud, where you can hear readings of and conversations about my writings.  You can hear each one by clicking the menu item, Listen, above. Or better yet, subscribe in your favorite podcast player, for example, Apple Podcast Player, for iPhones & Google Podcast Player, for Android-type phones.

Carolyn’s writings are read for you by the author herself, as well as by Producer Leslie Jackson.

These recordings are all peppered with a musical bed of beauty from Kaila Flexer and Gari Hegedus: Music from their band Teslim.

Please have a listen, like, share, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, it really helps these stories get into the ears of those who need them!

Please enjoy!

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Season 1:

In the Beginning Creation Myths from Around the World. Hear the whole book beautifully read for you by actress Amy Walker. These are creation stories from 15 cultures, using indigenous sources. These stories demonstrate that creation is ongoing, everywhere and always, and that all of us are creators all of the time. This engaging book of images and stories is ultimately about creativity in all its forms.
Written by Carolyn North. Published by ICRL Press, 2010. 15 episodes.

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Season 2:

World Shift Happens. Worldshift Happens! brings us to a world we might imagine ourselves living in, full of hope reality and real community. This season begins with a conversation between the author and producer Leslie Jackson. Insubsequent episodes, the whole book read for you by both Carolyn and Leslie.
Written by Carolyn North. Published by ICRL Press, 2010. 26 episodes.

Cover for Experience Of A Lifetime

Season 3:

Memoir as Metaphor. Drawing from all of her writings, and presented for you as her whim and as the times dictates, these short readings mostly by Carolyn herself, interspersed with the occasional interview, are meant to comfort us all in these weird times. The season kicks off with readings from her adventures in the standing stones in Brittany, called Voices out of Stone and continues with readings from Experience of a Lifetime, Living Fully Dying Consciously.
Various writings by Carolyn North. In progress.