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Carolyn North Books

I’m excited to announce my podcast, Carolyn North Out Loud, where you can hear readings of and conversations about my writings. The first two seasons are below in chronological order, the oldest at the top, most recent at the bottom. You can hear each one here, or subscribe in your favorite podcast player.

In Season One, the actress Amy Walker reads In the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the World.

In Season Two, Leslie Jackson (the show’s Producer) and I both read—and discuss—my recently re-published book, Worldshift Happens!

These recordings are all peppered with a musical bed of beauty from Kaila Flexer and Gari Hegedus: Music from their band Teslim.

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Please enjoy!

Season 3:

Memoir as Metaphor

Season 3, Episode 1
Memoir as Metaphor begins with a selection from Carolyn’s book, Seven Movements One Song: An adventure in the Galápogos Islands.

Season 3, Episode 2
Carolyn reads from her book, Voices out of Stone: An adventure among the megalithic standing stones in Briattany.

Season 3, Episode 3
 From Carolyn’s book, Voices Out of Stone: An adventure among the magalithic stones in Brittany.

Season 3, Episode 4
Carolyn is solo among the magalithic stones in Brittany.

Season 3, Episode 5
Everything is in Relationship with Everything Else in the World.

Season 1:

In the Beginning

Click image to hear episodeSeason 1, Episode 1
The Song of Creation / GENESIS
In the beginning, there simply was. What There Was had no shape, no size, no color, no form...

Click image to hear episodeSeason 1, Episode 2
In the Beginning, there was only Sky above and Water below. Earth had not yet been created…

Click image to hear episodeSeason 1, Episode 3
A Dream Dreaming Us / AFRICAN BUSHMAN
At first, before anything existed on top of the earth, there was, underneath, a tiny invisible egg.

Season 1, Episode 4
The Hymn of Creation / RIG VEDA ~ INDIA
In the beginning, before there was Anything At All, What was there? And where was it?

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 5
Before there was a world, there was She-Who-Empowers. From the thoughts of her mind …

Click image to hear episodeSeason 1, Episode 6
Eurynome & Ophion / PRE-HELLENIC GREECE
Before there was anything else, there was Eternity. Like a primeval sea, … 

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 7
Iznami & Iznagi / JAPAN
In the beginning, long before Heaven and Earth even existed, there was Chaos. …

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 8
The Legend of Creation / RIG VEDA ~ INDIA
The primal seed floated in the fathomless sea. For one thousand years, it slepped … 

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 9
Before the beginning—before even the first breath that started the Universe turning …

Click image to hear storySeason 1, Episode 10
Yin and Yang and the Dwarf P’Han ku / CHINA
In the beginning, before there was Time or an Earth or a Sky, there was Tao.

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 11
The Feathered Serpent / Quiche Maya
Waters shushing and lapping in sighing silence, the emptiness dark and still …

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 12
The Descendants of Nun/ Egypt
Before the first moment of time, there was Nun.

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 13
From the Edge of the World / Baja, Mexico ~ SERI
In the beginning, there was no land and no life, only the fathomless sea and Yooz …

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 14
Dreaming the World Into Being  /
 Australian Aborigine
Before time began, there was Dreaming.

Click image to play episodeSeason 1, Episode 15
Lumimu’ut and Her Son Toar /
 Indonesia (Sulawesi)
In the beginning, there was only water …

Season 2:

WorldShift Happens!

Season 2, Episode 1
Interview with Carolyn North and Leslie Jackson
We kick off Season 2 with a conversation about writing the book Worldshift Happens!

Season 2, Episode 2
“Take a Point.” We begin some philosophical groundwork, and a family inside-joke

Season 2, Episode 3
WSH! Part One: Waking up the Mind. Can we re-learn what has been forgotten? More philosophical groundwork.

Season 2, Episode 4
Traditional healing, as it has been practiced by indigenous medicine people, is a technique for finding energetic balance…  

Season 2, Episode 5
The Conclusion of Part one: From “Kait’s Ceremony” to  “We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For,” more philosophical groundwork. 

Season 2, Episode 6
And now, we skip to Part 3, because the book’s parts can be read in any order. The introduction to a Utopian fiction about ordinary lives…or is it?

Season 2, Episode 7
The Birth of Delia and Tomas, post-apocalyptic settlers sort out how to live more connected on earth … We get to know the characters. 

Season 2, Episode 8
Guidance and Kinship. What ordinary life might look like with the philosophy in Book One applied.

Season 2, Episode 9
We interrupt this book with another interview: Carolyn North and Producer Leslie Jackson.  How to tell a mystical story using ordinary language.

Season 2, Episode 10
We continue where we left off with the seemingly ordinary lives of Delia and Tomas.
In which Delia goes to a cool school.

Season 2, Episode 11
Delia and Tomas grow up into creative, well-supported artists. “Initiation,” “Knowing and Knowing About,” “The Arts,” “Sexuality” 

Season 2, Episode 12
Delia’s Gap Year. Delia joins an improvisational singing group in the big city.

Season 2, Episode 13
Young Love and Kinetic Sculpture in Utopia.
Delia returns to West Mountain Road to find a surprise awaits her there.

Season 2, Episode 14
From Food to Functional Art in Utopia.
Delia returns to  where love awaits in hiding, and a solar-collecting bird is built.

Season 2, Episode 15
Delia’s and Sven’s vows are shared in a ritual that features a surprise recorded and performed by the kids of the homestead.

Season 2, Episode 16
The Urban Homestead.
What life is like in the post-shift urban scene, where the sidewalks have been repurposed by nature.

Season 2, Episode 17
Rust Town Buzzes with Life. A Day in the Life in the re-purposed inner city, where skyscrapers become utopian communities. 

Season 2, Episode 18
In this conclusion to Book III of Worldshift Happens!, we join a rousing celebration of love and a  parting, as Papa Enrique bids farewell.

We share an interview Carolyn gave to Osha Hayden for the radio show, “Aspire with Osha” on KSVY, Sonoma. 

Episode 19
From “The Old Oak” to “Maturity” in the author’s own voice, the philosophy behind Carolyn’s delightful utopia starts to unfold. 

Episode 20
Perhaps the purpose of being born in a physical body is to experience until we recognize the sacredness of the world we inhabit.

Episode 21
“What I believe teaches us the most profoundly is the felt experience.” A conversation between Carolyn and producer, Leslie Jackson.

Episode 22
… death is like a night at the inn.”
Join us a fire-side chat with folks
who have gone on. 

Episode 23
We continue the fascinating conversation about death and the afterlife with the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle and Lawrence of Arabia. 

Episode 24
Getting down to the nitty gritty:
What is daily life like in the after life?

Episode 25
From “Evolution of the Soul” to “Soul Groups.” Asking big questions of those who have gone on. 

Episode 26
“It was now clear to me that in the immensity of the universe, everything cycled.”
We conclude the reading of Worldshift Happens!