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Since my first book, Earth Below, Heaven Above, A Portrait of India was published in 1975, all my books have dealt with the interface between matter and spirit. In each book I focus on one of the Universal Aspects, attempting to convey through personal story the feel and images, qualities and deep truths of my subject.

Every book is different, and yet I think every one of them is on the same subject, as I use my personal stories to look at the Cosmos through one of the basic lenses of reality: Polarity; the Chakra system; Synchronicity; Death and Dying; Love; Multi-dimensionality; Creativity. How can I present this information about the basic forces in language that is accessible and sensory, like a personal mythology through which to glimpse universal patterns? In the end, every one of my books is really a love story.This form of writing has been called “creative non-fiction” or “autobiographical narrative.”

The Links above will take you to the books at All books are also available from the author for $15/copy plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Please contact us for purchasing instructions. Books will be sent as soon as check is received. Thank you.

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Carolyn North

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