Hello, my family, friends, neighbors, community…

Here is my offering to you in the month of my 86th birthday. I figure this is a pivotal moment in history, as well as a turning point in my own life, and I’d like to pass on to you a magical gift that was given to me during the summer of 1991 in England, after I had walked 100 miles of the Cornwall coast with a friend, and was boarding a bus to visit another friend, in Wiltshire. By some quirk of fate, my timing was fortuitous, because the night before I arrived in the Vale of Pewsey, a massive and gorgeous artwork had appeared close to my friend’s village in a farmer’s ripening field of wheat! Wildly improbable—but true!

Seeing it with my own eyes by walking inside the design literally changed my life. What I learned that day, firsthand, was that magic was real, and that what I had thought to be ‘impossible’ might, in fact, be possible!

That day started when I boarded my bus for Wiltshire in a small town on the Cornwall coast and picked up a newspaper at the newsagents’ stand to read along the way. There on the front page was an aerial photograph of a huge work of art etched into the standing crop of ripening wheat of a farm somewhere in Wiltshire, it said. The design had appeared overnight, the farmer had told reporters, and was pristine—no footprints, no broken wheat stalks surrounding the pictogram! “Not even a cigarette butt!” the farmer said. “It was just here in the morning, just as you see it now! The dogs didn’t even bark!”

The synchronicity, for me, was uncanny and knowing I was just where I wanted to be, I hugged the newspaper to me and got on the bus. The next day, happily visiting with my old friend, Mary, we showed up at the farm in Alton Barnes and together walked into the first “pictogram” to appear in England during the summer of 1991—the first of hundreds, or thousands all over the world, as it has turned out.

That was over 30 years ago, and the magic has continued every summer since then—and not only in southern England—as complex artworks and both ancient and new geometries continue to appear in growing grain all over the world!

Of course, people have tried to copycat the technique of laying down stands of wheat with boards, but the results, even when done skillfully, are messy in comparison. I can tell the difference right away, because the authentic designs make me cry, and the others do not. Anyhow, I figure that if after 30 years nobody has come forth to claim the artwork as their own, nor try to make a profit from their clever designs, then that in itself is a miracle!

I figure we need some good magic now, some positive miracles that make us smile; I believe that we are being shown that there is more to our reality than we might have believed possible! That perhaps we are not alone in the Universe, perhaps there is more out there than we know about, perhaps beauty and fun are more available than we have believed and we are being nudged in mysterious ways to grow up and evolve into humans who can accept that we live inside of a miracle! I hope so, because we so badly need to be reassured that peace and positive change are possible.

So here is my gift to you:

What On Earth? is a documentary film made by my friend Suzanne Taylor, that was released first in 2009. Suzanne has given me permission to share her film with all of you, so please do watch it and be amazed by the footage of dozens of Crop Circles that appeared in England during those first two decades of their unexpected appearance on earth. https://vimeo.com/12480500.

At this crucial time in world history, I would like to use my own birthday as an opportunity to offer hope and amazement to as many folks as possible. We’re at the Crossroads and there is no time to waste, so please do watch and, hopefully, enjoy the film. Who- or What-ever is creating these unbelievable artworks, they ring true to me, so I am sharing them with everyone I know. Anyhow, they are gorgeous!

Please do share them, as well.

Love and hope to all of you, and everyone you love, even in these tumultuous times of change. Wonder, and Light!


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