Today I have exciting news! My upcoming book, Freeflow Stories, the newest edition of Musings on the Passing Scene, will be coming out THIS SUMMER, 2022. I wish it to be the perfect balm for these weird times. Little humorous essays about real life, perfectly true, and hopeful in spite of their truth! The book is priced in hopes that you will purchase one for yourself as well as one for a friend. Please click the button below to pre-order, enter your shipping address in the form provided, and my Elf will contact you with updates as we near the date of release!

In Freeflow Stories Carolyn North does exactly what she vowed to do many decades ago. She reassures, gives comfort, and sings her songs of safety and laughter in the face of atrocities and despite how frightening the world has become. Clearly this is her life’s work, carried out in story after story, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all Life. Turning wounds into wisdom is her gift to us. Read and take heart.

Lily Myers Kaplan, award-winning author of Loss to Legacy: A Stepping Stone Path to Healing and Transformation and Two Rare Birds: A Legacy of Love.