YES! had a chance to converse with Carolyn earlier this month:

Where are you these days, and what’s giving you energy during this quarantine?
I currently live on Wild and Radish Farm in El Sobrante, California, as the first elder in our growing eco-village community. During quarantine time, since the “pod” here contains about 15 of us, I live simply near good folks who I see all the time, though masked and distanced, and I visit the goats in the meadow and the sheep, and work in the gardens and have long talks with my young friends, and share food and assistance, and read and write a lot. If I have to quarantine, doing so in my later years is, no doubt, the best time for it.

Describe your current project?
My current, and forever project is to try and understand the nature of reality, and then to write about it in the form of story/allegory, using my own life events as my start-off point. I am currently writing a piece on how to approach the virus and mandatory vaccinations.

What’s your vision for the next year – For yourself? For the world?
My new book, WORLDSHIFT HAPPENS! Facing Down the Fear, Waking Up the Mind, just came out in December, and seems to be taking off already, so I expect I will be spending time this year speaking about how to take on these times with positive creativity as the world indeed evolves in consciousness, which I see as our job as humanity on earth at this time in the world.

Can you share a quote that inspires you?
“There’s always a story. It’s all stories, really – the sun coming up every day is a story. Everything’s got a story in it – change the story, change the world.”- Terry Prachett 

Two truths and a lie? (readers, guess the lie)
I was a midwife in India and delivered the babies of the domestic workers in the community I lived in.I once studied Balinese dance in Bali.I almost died on Fernandina Island in the Galapagos when I hiked towards the volcano in the mid-day sun without food or water, and encountered a bomb that had been detonated on the lava decades before.

What was the best thing you took away from your Jam experience? 
It was a new and encouraging experience to be amongst these young people as equals – all younger than my own children – whose intelligence and commitment not only impressed, but also reassured me that we were in good hands with them. It was great fun to bond with them as friends, and in fact, after the Jam, two from the group became tenants in my household! Like family – (or Jamily…) 

Are there any time-sensitive announcement you wish to make?
Yes. Please watch this recent interview with Code Pink and keep an eye out for WORLDSHIFT HAPPENS! which is now out as printed book, ebook, kindle and who knows what else. It is written especially for this time in the world, and I believe it can help. If you cannot find it easily, send a note to me or the publisher, ICRL Press. And if Amazon is unacceptable to you, try Barnes and Noble.