for Paul Andrews

Over the years, all my writing has been focused on intuitive ways of knowing the world and I use poetic diction and stories to get my point across rather than rational facts. I figure it’s through subtlety – ‘feeling’ the way more than ‘thinking’ the way into knowing – that can help open our hearts as well as our minds to the extraordinary beauty of this amazing Universe we are lucky enough to find ourselves in. 

 The competition and greed that has been foisted on us by systems based on tough logic and human supremacy is clearly not good for either our species or the planet.

 I wonder what it is good for?

It happened yesterday that a friend sent me an article about ‘soft eyes’ – just as I was wondering how to start this piece. 


“‘Soft eyes’ is actually an old term used in animal tracking,” the article reads, “and is supposedly of Native American origin. ‘Soft eyes’ refers to the slightly unfocused gaze that takes in the whole field of view at once, all together. ‘Hard eyes’ see nothing but the object of their focus and are too hard for the world to make an impression on them; information comes from the inside out, from ideas, from preconceptions, not from the touch of things. Soft eyes stand back a bit, let the scene unfold – actually see what’s there — the multiplicity of worlds, the teem of information, all those planes of existence intersecting (or not). It’s a different kind of knowing.”

I love that. Try it. Unfocus your eyes slightly and look softly at whatever is before you. Notice what your peripheral vision sees, and how you ‘feel’ when you do that. Where in your body do you feel it? Trust that feeling, and foster it for this gives you access to more than what is on the surface of things, and that is when everyday surprises like synchronicities tend to happen! 

We call it magic, but this everyday magic is available to every one of us all the time. 

Years ago when I was 20 and a new student in a provincial town in France, the father of a friend kindly found me a place to live at a nearby Convent, but the very idea chilled my bones. In a moment of inspiration I told him I was looking for a live-in position as a nanny – an idea that had not crossed my mind until that moment! Then, on my way back to the Hostel I ‘happened’ to pass the University housing office, went in, the woman behind the desk told me that her neighbor was looking for a nanny and that I had a ‘nice face.’ I went right over, the family and I made a good connection and two days later I moved into their cozy garret. 

I believe I learned more that year from both the synchronicity that got me there, and the de Leffe family I lived with, than from all the courses I took at the University!

Thus began my lifelong study of things ‘paranormal.’ 

Personally, I believe the paranormal – or para-usual, as a friend calls it – is perfectly “normal” if we extend our awareness to include all the subtle strands of experience and energy that connect us to one another and to everything else in Time and Space and beyond. In our culture we ignore these levels of experience at our peril, I believe, because if our world is defined as limited, we tend to be vulnerable to control from those seeking power over us. It’s an old story and, to say the least, has never been in our best interest. Nor the Earth’s.

Just yesterday (by synchronicity, of course) a friend was telling me about her experience years ago at a class for massage therapists, when she ‘saw’ the skeletal system of the woman she was working on. “It was as if the bones suddenly lit up”, she told me, “kind of like an X-Ray. I could see how the bones and muscles went together, and my hands just knew where to go.” Then she said more quietly, “I shut the vision down quickly, and never mentioned it to anybody because it scared me…”

My eyes filled with tears – for her, for us and for myself – because I also often shut down what seems clear to me when I fear that people will not take me seriously, even though scientists know perfectly well that what they call “matter” makes up only about 7% of the universe, and they have no idea what makes up the rest. When I point this out, people tend to shrug. 

Surrounded by miracles as we are, if these coincidences don’t fit the current paradigm, our shared culture calls them “wrong” or shrugs and turns away. Even ordinary, everyday synchronicities are considered too woo-woo for the popular media! This at the peril of all of life itself! How arrogant is that?

All I know is that I live with synchronicities on a daily basis and count on them to help me, because they fit into my understanding of the world as a multi-dimensional, interconnected and glorious Whole. If everything is connected to everything, and the whole world is in continual motion then of course these useful intersections are bound to happen, whether they make ‘rational’ sense to our culture’s present understanding of how the world works, or not.

Anyhow, whoever called our current life-threatening dilemmas ‘rational’? More like ‘outrageously insane,’ if you ask me!

If you’ve ever tried to rescue a spider from the shower before you turn on the water, then you know how it scurries wildly from your helping hands. I am reminded of frightened spiders every time I even speak the words “free energy” out loud in the wrong company, or “crop circles”, as if my very words had the power to harm. The fact is, however, that free energy devices exist and work without the benefit of fossil fuels, and magnificent artworks have been appearing in fields of grain all over the world by the hundreds for decades – along with some clever hoaxes – and both these phenomena point to solutions for many of our more desperate problems. However, since they point to an expanded understanding of how the natural world works, they are considered somehow unworthy of our attention and worse, even dangerous.

Why? I wonder. 

Here we stand at the cusp of either annihilation or an evolving future. The choice is in our human hands linked with every other sentient being in the universe. It would not necessarily be the first time we chose hate over love in our fear of one another and of ourselves, but I so wish we would choose love… 

Who knows but that now might be our last shot at it. 

Why not gird up all our courage and take that shot at learning how to love, despite everything? Sheltering in place gives us a chance to go inside and take a good look at our deep-seated fears, however hard that is. It is to our peril that we not even try.

After all, if synchronicities and magical breakthroughs seem to violate natural law, might it be possible that our problems lie not with the laws of nature themselves, but with our own lack of understanding them? 

That gives me chills, but it makes a certain sense, no?