for the circle makers

Herb and I had a loving and good marriage all our adult lives, but one subject had the power to drive us apart, and that was Crop Circles. His scientific mind simply would not entertain the possibility of magic creating huge, spectacular artworks showing up in farmers’ wheat fields, and my intuitive heart was delighted by such unexplainable happenings, like mysterious gifts appearing out of nowhere. Anyhow, these designs were not just products of my imagination; they were right there on the ground to be witnessed first hand and walked through and photographed by anybody who wished to.f

 “They must be done by a bunch of really clever art students!” he would insist. 

“All over the world?” I would counter, “and in grains that are bent but not broken? And nobody either claiming them or asking to be paid for them?”

That in itself would be something of a miracle!

We actually had a yelling match the summer of 1990 when I returned from a walking trip in England where I’d entered, and photographed the first pictogram to appear in a wheat field in Wiltshire – a sensational formation of circles and lines stretching the length of two football fields. The farmers who let us into their fields for three quid were as baffled as the rest of us. 

“It wasn’t here when we left last night,” they told us, “but this morning we found this! Not even a footprint left behind, nothing. The dogs didn’t even bark in the night!” We all got shivers. 

The word was already getting out and curiosity seekers like myself had begun arriving at this remote farm in the Wiltshire downs. I was especially lucky as I happened to be in the area to visit Mary Scott who lived in the next village over, an author whose books on earth energies I had admired for years. In the bus station coming there, I had noticed an article about this phenomenon on that day’s news board, and my timing and destination, as it turned out, were impeccable. 

At the farm in Alton Barnes I came upon the weirdest party I had ever attended, with dowsers and healers and thrill seekers and tourists all tromping into the wheat with their cameras ready, while military helicopters buzzed overhead like noisy mosquitos. After awhile I left the excited crowd and slowly walked the length of the formation to the far end alone, bending down to examine a delicate rick-rack design at the edge of the lay. The sun was hot, the air straw-fragrant and up close I counted exactly nine individual stalks lying between each separate point of the design – and I started to cry.

 Now, almost thirty years, and tens of thousands of these spectacular artworks all over the world later, we still do not know who and how they were created. Nor do we understand why, but we can guess because their geometries are sacred geometry, profound with messages about the nature of a reality far beyond our material understandings of the world, and they are speaking in a code about changes in the offing we would do well to begin to acknowledge. 

Many indigenous cultures speak of signs appearing at the endings of earth ages, which many claim is Now. Perhaps these colossal works of art are indeed gentle signs to prepare us for major changes in the offing. So much better than the catastrophes that terrify us to get our attention, seems to me.

I wonder why we insist upon denying beautiful miracles right there in plain sight just because we do not yet have the science to explain them? As a species, we tend to be a stubborn bunch! 

As it is, the debunkers have been busy stirring up their campaigns to deny the importance of these happenings, hoaxers have been hired to try and mimic the genuine circles, and sadly, many of the original group of researchers have died. Others, like myself, have backed away from the mean-spirited controversies out there but despite all that the formations in the fields continue on every continent and in many mediums every year. I just saw an aerial photograph of two magnificent new circles spun in trees in a forest in Japan! 


Mary and I spent a week together, talking non-stop on all the subjects that impassioned both of us and wondering what was happening in those fields so close to her village? 

“And how did you manage to arrive here all the way from America just when this is happening right here in this lazy corner of the world?” she asked archly. The truth was that I had no idea.

Neither did she, but we were both clearly affected by some unusual energies because one night after leaving her cottage for the True Heart pub a mile away where I was staying, I got invited to play darts with the local farmers forming up teams when I arrived. I shocked everyone – including myself – when, with my first throw I hit a perfect bulls-eye, and became the woman of the hour! It was pandemonium in there! Then the kitchen phone rang and it was Mary calling me from a mile away to tell me to be quiet and not get all excited after our deep afternoon together.

“But how did you know…?” I spluttered to this woman sitting  a mile up the road, “and anyhow, I hit a bull’s eye, Mary!” Quietly, she said, “Well bully for you, but you won’t hit another, so go to bed!”

I will never understand how she knew, nor if the energies emanating from the crop circle in Alton Barnes had anything to do with my perfect aim and her perfect knowing.

Changes are happening, as the indigenous ones have been predicting, and it would do us well to pay close attention to possible signs and portents.

I imagine Herb is quite aware now of the multiple dimensions the crop circles are pointing to. Knowing him as I do, I’d not be surprised if he would describe the world like a chocolate layer cake – which was always a great favorite in our family. He’d say, “The world is more than the frosting, you realize. There are layers after layers of cake and filling between them before you get to the frosting, right? 

Then he might say, from where he is now, “Your visible Universe is only one small part of a much more extensive and more subtle Universe full of invisible “frequencies” that make up more worlds than you can imagine with your physical eyes and ears. The world is so much more immense, and so much more subtle than you can imagine! More is possible than you can dream of in your philosophies! Pictures in wheat may be the easy part… 

In fact, he did report back to me as he was dying when he was still able to, telling me what he was seeing – a universe of many dimensions, with “worlds and worlds and worlds” spiraling out there just beyond our daily human vision. With his hand he made spirals in the air and gazed at me through luminous eyes filled with awe. 

He died peacefully that night. 

The rest is mostly silence, except to say that I have eaten of this cake of multiple layers and it is indeed wondrous, and nourishing, and important, and delicious. 

We’d do well not to ignore its presence in our world as we make this shift that looks, right now, like unmitigated disaster. On one level, it is; on a deeper level, it is pushing us to open our minds and hearts to a larger, more subtle and more creative life.

Why would anyone wish to resist this?