Dear People,

This video was made in 2007 after Vivien Feyer and Jeff Ritterman brought these children’s drawings back from Iran. The children, after suffering greatly at the hands of misguided grown-ups, expressed their longings for peace gorgeously and movingly.

Today, it is our own children on our side of the world seeking asylum, along with their desperate parents, who are all suffering greatly at the hands of misguided grown-ups – adult people who know not what they do.

We dedicate this to all the children on our borders and all borders everywhere who are victims of grown-up violence.

May the children of all species be safe; may all our children be loved and protected and may we all live in mutual kindness on the planet we share.

Vivien Feyer and Carolyn North

Please post as widely as you can so we can all cry together and then act together. The energy we will create can move mountains!