Like everyone else, I am horrified by where we’ve got to as a society and species, our ‘new normal’ including madmen who make the nation’s policies, an electorate who are willing to vote for them and young people with guns killing one another in schoolyards and battlefields. If this behavior characterized an individual person, he or she would be declared insane and bundled off to a facility for the mentally ill. And rightly so.

So what do we do in response? Last night I ‘threw’ the I Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle to which one can ask a question, toss three coins to indicate where in the book to look, and then receive advice on how to resolve your problem. Through the years it’s been like a teacher for me and I’ve never known its answers to be irrelevant to my questions. Yesterday I asked,

“What is mine to do in this time of great upheaval and struggle? How might I address the big picture in ways possible for a woman my age?”

I got Hexagram #62, and the message was, “Do small things every day. Do not try to change the world. Tiny act by tiny act will bring success.”

That makes sense to me, and is actually a relief because small acts are all I can realistically manage these days, but I want those small acts to matter. I want what I do to help us all feel reassured and empowered against tremendous odds, knowing we can help re-balance a world that has gone way off center. I want course corrections that are positive and creative and help us to breathe freely. I want us to laugh at our foibles and love one another to bits. I want the process to be, at its best, good stimulating fun.

I know that when I’m able to do that in my own life, synchronicities pop out of nowhere and help me through.

I had such a synchronicity recently when a book in the living room bookcase literally fell out at my feet right onto a big bulge in the floorboards that our family refers to jokingly as ‘the volcano.’ No professional has ever found a cause for this bump.

The book was THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT by Freddy Silva that I’ve been saving for the right time to read, which apparently was  now! Silva is a brilliant researcher who shares my passion for alternative history, ancient systems of knowledge, unexplained phenomena and the nature of consciousness.

Here he talks about a web of subtle energies that criss-cross the planet, a grid with intersecting energy lines created by merging underground streams. At each intersection, he claims, there is a “power spot” that defines places used for ritual and prayer since time immemorial. On these sites one finds temples and pyramids, megaliths and dolmens, holy springs and wells – sacred sites on the earth similar to acupuncture points on our bodies. He went on to suggest that all the power points in the earthly grid together form a single global Temple!

I love that!

Traditionally, people came to these places to find their own healing, which also helps maintain the health of the earth and its living communities. People have come alone and in groups, dancing, singing, meditating, praying, coming to re-member that they belong to the earth, to themselves and to one another, in good times and in bad. Each visit and prayer functioned like a small course correction, tuning in again and again to what was real and essential.

I am reminded of an all-day Native American Sun Dance Ceremony I once attended in New Mexico, where the rhythm of the dancers’ feet, when the beat got ragged, was corrected by a fierce rattling in their midst. All the dancers responded, finding their way back to a crisp, shared beat that I could feel in my own body, sitting there in pounding heat on the sidelines of the dancing grounds. The dance for rain started at dawn; by five in the afternoon, clouds rushed in and it poured!

I experience a similar attunement when I dance, too. Especially if I sing at the same time! My body and breath seem to come into alignment, my head clears, my heart opens. That’s why I dance and sing every day, even when I’m not in the mood. It is my way of standing on a power spot, feeling whatever there is to feel in my body and making small course corrections.

Putting the book back in the bookcase, I took time to feel our ‘volcano’ with my bare feet, and wondered if it might signify a water dome beneath the house where underground streams intersected, causing an upwelling force just beneath our foundation? Could we have been sitting on a power spot on the global grid all these years? Why not? It’s as good an explanation as any.

That might explain why our front garden, without much help from me, produces giants: nasturtiums with leaves the size of dinner plates; roses that climb into the eaves and through windows when I’m not looking; cacti fourteen feet tall and grapevines that take over the sidewalk unless I prune them every few days to let people get by!

But there’s more to this story…

When our family lived in India during the sixties, we picnicked one day by a dry riverbed in the countryside, and I went for an ankle-wrenching walk in the jumbled stones. One odd rounded stone caught my attention and after much pulling and prying I managed to extricate it from its tight, dry-mud bed and brought it back to show the family.

“Doesn’t it look like it could be a lingam?”

“It’s so heavy,” the kids commented, hefting its bulk and feeling its smoothness. Herb looked at it more closely, and said quietly,

“It is a lingam, Carolyn! See these lines etched around it, like a snake? Maybe it was once washed out of some river temple during a flood, who knows how long ago, but it looks very old.”

I had found a treasure!

There was nobody to ask for permission there in the outback, so rather than just leave it to be tumbled in the next flood season, we chose to honor it, and the lingam has been part of our family ever since. Mostly, I have kept it under flowing water in a fountain in the garden, but now I am moved to place it above the bulge in the living room floor where, if there is indeed a water dome beneath the earth where streams intersect, its potency will be magnified as once it was in a long-gone river temple in Madhyar Pradesh.

So as of yesterday, I now have in my home a potentially active power point on the energy grid of the Earth, receiving and transmitting my prayers – my small daily acts – from below and from above! You are welcome to come and offer your own.

I take this as an omen, a sign of positive fortune as synchronicities converge in this place, at this time just when the Earth and all Life are crying out for justice. When the course correction brings things to a new balance on the energetic level, the material world magically follows suit. It is what energy healing is all about. I don’t understand how it works, but I do know that it works because I’ve been doing it for years.

Help me?

Thank you.