Publication Date: August 17, 2012

Ws Hcover"..a rare, brave and most original book." (Joanna Macy)

"... truly fascinating…a broad spectrum of 'shifts' and so well put." (Ervin Laszlo)

Having the courage to change when it is time to change, WORLDSHIFT HAPPENS! Facing Down the Fear, Waking Up the Mind explores through story and fantasy:

  • What it means to wake up our minds;
  • How to look straight at our deepest fears of aging and dying; 
  • What life on earth might look like if we did both those things. 

Carolyn North has written 12 books on the evolution of consciousness, all in the form of story, and teaches movement and sound for healing. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband, and currently mentors young people who find their way to her door. She claims that in these times our work is to inspire by creating imaginative change with pleasure, intelligence and beauty.

"I didn't think it was possible - in one book - to combine dreams and facts, pretend and actuality, the heart and the head, in such a way that our history as 'moderns' on this planet is laid bare:  what we’ve done versus what we could have done.  Carolyn North transcends writing in these pages to reveal herself as a master weaver." ( PMH Atwater, author of Near-Death Experiences

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From Carolyn

Worldshift Happens! is about the shifts we have to make as human beings if the planet, our society and human life is to survive.

  1. "Waking Up the Mind" is about changing the worldview by which society currently operates. Personal stories that chart a path through my own journey from the materialist assumptions I grew up with, to my discoveries of a more holistic, cosmic approach to life, comprise the first section of the book.
  2. "Facing Down the Fear" focuses on the issue of change, itself, and the difficulty we have as humans to make change even when change is inevitable. Here again I will use my own stories to talk about coming to terms with aging, with loss, with death and dying. These are changes we all share, no matter who we are. This section offers various options to fear and denial.
  3. "WorldShift Happens! "is a fictionalized Uptopia that takes place early in the 22nd Century, somewhere in rural New England. Twins are born to the Sanchez family, settlers in a communal homestead, where they raise sheep for the local collective. The era of cheap oil is over, the collapse of the economy has winnowed the population, and after the inevitable period of chaos and mayhem, people are restructuring their lives according to the principles described in the first section of the book. We follow the twins, Delia and Tomas, watching them grow and enter their world as it reframes its ideals and infrastructure after the collapse of the old civilization. We explore the world they know, rural and urban, through the lens of their lives

My purpose in this book is to demonstrate how the way we think directly affects the way we organize our society, and that our ability to take a good look at what no longer works for us, and to have the courage to make basic changes is what will save us. My premise is that in order to bring about collective change, we have to start with ourselves - our fears, longings, belief systems and personal histories.