In the Beginning: Creation Myths -- Reviews

In the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the World is a series of 16 creation stories, extensively researched for the earliest, most indigenous understandings of how our world came to be, and re-told for contemporary audiences of all ages. It is a new, but ancient slant on the religious experience, designed to open our hearts and minds to a more inclusive understanding of God and spirit.

Artist Adrienne Robinson and author Carolyn North have prepared In the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the World with deep respect for each of the traditions represented, wishing to show that the creative process is available to people of every age and place. They believe the stories and artwork in this book demonstrate that everything in the world is potential material out of which art ñ and life ñ can be created.
In the Genesis story, for example, each of the seven days of creation adds another layer to the story of the earth, progressing from the elements to the forms of land and sea, through the plant and animal kingdoms and culminating in the human family. Each stage is illustrated in gorgeous collage on paper, the deep message being that everything on earth ñ including humans ñ is part of one miraculous Whole.

This book may be used as a teaching tool for theology students preparing for divinity work of every sort. It is a perfect bedtime book for parents to read to children, for families to give to each other as inspirational gifts and for storytellers to learn from.
Carolyn North and Adrienne Robinson, in the spirit of creative collaboration, have worked with Rebecca Strauss and Susan Wilson of Melodic Vision, to develop two videos introducing you to the Japanese and Egyptian creation myths. Check them out now and get a tantalizing taste of the richness of the stories. The medium is the message!

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