America's Mysterious Stones

Putney ManWhen the English first came to the New World, they found a landscape that included standing stones, stone rows, megalithic chambers and earthen mounds similar to such "pagan" sites as were found at home. Many of these, considered old and heathen, they destroyed, using the stones to build dams and bridges and walls, or employing the the ones they displaced - for storing crops.

Fortunately, some of these sites have escaped destruction, and may still be found all over the US, although most of the ones I know personally are in New England -- Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

In fact, it was at a group of megalithic chambers in the vicinity of Putney, Vermont, that my interest in megalithic sites was first sparked. 

The photo is of a local man kneeling by entry to chamber near Putney, Vermont.