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The Sisters Project

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Latisha FamilybwA focus for generosity and innovation, DAILY BREAD has spawned several creative efforts, one of which is THE SISTERS PROJECT, founded by Meredith Stout and the late Zelma Brown. THE SISTERS PROJECT began at the Women's Drop-In Center as photography and poetry about the women, and evolved into live theater pieces, and eventually, a DVD called "Walk in My Shoes."

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The Daily Bread Project

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Carolyn1Since 1983, the urban gleaning project in Berkeley, California, DAILY BREAD has been picking up surplus food from restaurants, bakeries, groceries and caterers and bringing it to free food programs and shelters. Over the years, thousands of pounds of nutritious food that might otherwise have become landfill, have fed thousands of people. 

DAILY BREAD works exclusively with volunteers and has no budget. You can read more about ... READ MORE


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Dscn1720 1 1As a sequel to Rainflower (featured on the cover of Serious Fun), Raintree sought to add another function to the rain-catching sculpture concept. During Californias dry summers, the recycled vinyl-convention-banner fabric funnel can be removed while the wooden branches support a circling clothesline that serves to dry clothes in the sunshine.

The Serious Fun Blog

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With Carolyn North and Christina Bertea

Based on the book Serious Fun by Carolyn North, this interactive blog is all about innovation, ingenuity, collaboration and fun! We want it to be a matchmaking place where people network and exchange low-tech, creative ideas about saving ourselves and our planet.

Our deeper philosophical agenda is to use the dire situation of our times as an opportunity to reinvent how we wish to live in the ... READ MORE

Want To Post?

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Dscn0036 1 2Here are some topics to spark your creativity. We hope they will inspire you, and that you will dream up even more!

Alternative energy is implied in each of these:


  • Alternative economics
  • Marketplaces
  • Right Livelihood
  • Jobs and alternative remuneration
  • Local economies and currencies
  • Simple living
  • Swaps and barter
  • Other


  • Permaculture
  • Urban gardens
  • Small farms
  • Livestock small scale
  • Preserving food
  • Gleaning
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