Urban Gardening Free for All

  by eden.

Farmers MarketSpring into Bed has taken on a new meaning in Seattle.  It's the seed of an idea that has sprouted into The Just Garden Project, a way for anyone and everyone who wants to grow food in their yard to be able to do just that - for free!  Friends and partners Stephanie and Michael Seliga recently began the Just Garden Project and Eat your Yard edible landscaping, an event and a year-round business that feed their community and their souls. 

They also brought forward the innovative and inspiring idea of Community Supported Plant Starts and charge their landscaping clients on a sliding scale so food may truly be accessible to everyone!  Just as you would purchase a share of a farm in the Community Supported Agriculture model, you can purchase your plant starts, thereby assuring the Eat Your Yard project's costs are covered and there are ever more food-producing plants sprouting all around Seattle.

Here's what they have to say about themselves:

In February of 2010, Spring into Bed was a dream. Community meetings and volunteers brought forth a vision and got to work. By the second Saturday of May, Spring into Bed became an outstanding success. We built nine free gardens for low-income families, organized over 250 volunteers throughout Seattle, tallied and activated over 18,000 sq. ft. of food gardens, and raised over $8,000 in cash and in-kind donations. These gardens and celebrations are a testament to what happens when we put our minds, money, and movement in the service of our hearts and our future.

Through word of mouth our food revolution and celebration grows. Spring into Bed is a testament to what can happen when we put our minds, money, and movement in the service of our hearts and our future. The Seattle and now King County community sees this and says,”Yes! We want to be a part of this!” Bringing what we have, what we dream of, what we want our community to look like, and it is our work as a community that makes this day of action and celebration successful!

We gather as volunteers at hubs throughout the county. We participate from the comfort of our own back yards by adding our garden yardage to the day’s total. We celebrate a world in which all people have good, healthy, vibrant food and a connection to where that food comes from. We celebrate our ability to make this a world we are proud to give our children and our future generations.Cascadian Edible Landscapes assists individuals, communities, governments, and developers transform underutilized spaces into places of food production and community growth. We recognize barriers to gardening and healthy eating habits–whether it is a lack of knowledge or resources–and empower people to surmount them.