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Peepeeponics For The Ladies

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Dscn2835 1 1by Christina Bertea

Having studied every example I've seen, and even built one at a community garden, I finally decided to experiment with peepeeponics in my own backyard where I can monitor it carefully. 

I lined an old galvanized garbage can with several large plastic garbage bags to prevent the urine from reacting with the metal (if you use a waterproof plastic or rubber garbagecan you ... READ MORE

Hooping for Fun and Health!

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Alameda Farmer's Marketby Jan Camp, author of Into the Circle: Hula Hooping in California and Beyond

Hoopdance, or simply hooping, embodies the spirit of serious fun by contributing to individual and universal wellness through play. It is an affordable, low impact aerobic exercise that is available to everyone. At farmers markets across the country, hoopers give demonstrations and sell hoops. The aim, for both the farmers and the ... READ MORE

Neighborhood Crop Swaps

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Crop6In Berkeley, California a newly formed grassroots group, Transition Berkeley, held the city's first Crop Swap

A few dozen local residents happily exchanged home-grown goodies that thrive in this micro-climate in July: lemons and rhubarb, parsley and eggs. The freshly harvested produce was set out on two folding tables and a couple of blankets, and people filled their baskets and bags with greens and ... READ MORE