Self-watering planters because every drop counts!

  by eden.

2010 04 10 009 This triple-decker self-watering system was showcased at the Encuentro por Una Vida Autonoma in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico in 2009.  This working model is made of reclaimed water jugs turned upside-down and hung from a simple frame.  The frame rests on 2 buckets filled with any  dense substance that works to both keep the bottom layer of plants off the ground and catches water that may drip down the sides of the frame.  It's a great use of vertical growing space, wrings all the use possible out of every drop of water and cuts the work of watering plants by 2/3s!  Best of all, all these materials were diverted from a waste stream, which means they can be found for free in or on their way to the dump!