Re-Skilling - Relearning what our grandparents knew

  by eden.
Re Skilling Yarn

At the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, CA, you can go beyond growing food and learn how to: grow medicine, grow fibers and plants to dye them with; process the fibers into clothes; make soaps and salves; preserve food with low-tech techniques like fermentation and drying; and wildforage local plant protein sources like acorns.

Re-skilling requires that we connect more deeply to the natural world. It involves cultivating (or foraging) plants for basketry, building materials, medicine, general body care, dyes, food and clothing. It invites us into a closer relationship with domestic and wild animals, and asks that we pay more attention to the changing of the seasons and the cycles of the natural world. It also fosters a deeper gratitude for all that nature continues to provide us.

At RDI, you can dive even more deeply into reviving with the holistic relationship of humans and the natural world through their Permaculture Design, Ecology of Leadership, Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness programs.