Neighborhood Crop Swaps

  by alexis.

Crop6In Berkeley, California a newly formed grassroots group, Transition Berkeley, held the city's first “Crop Swap.” 

A few dozen local residents happily exchanged home-grown goodies that thrive in this micro-climate in July: lemons and rhubarb, parsley and eggs. The freshly harvested produce was set out on two folding tables and a couple of blankets, and people filled their baskets and bags with greens and plums and purple potatoes, exchanging them for basil and beet greens. Along with kitchen staples such as carrots, strawberries, and rosemary, Berkeley gardeners also showed up with some less well-known produce including loquats, grape leaves, and angelica. The hour-long gathering seemed like a truly hyperlocal affair with people walking or biking their fruits and vegetables over, visiting with friends and neighbors, and swapping recipes with fellow traders.