Feed Greedy Plants, Not Greedy Banks

  by alexis.

With the composting toilet garden! 

By Tara Hui and Judith Henning, November 2011

ImageWe created this toilet to help occupy SPACE - for human and nature.

This composting toilet model is specifically designed for the occupation movement. It combines features of several types of composting toilet into one - urine diverting dry compost toilet, tree bog, and the traditional way of just digging a whole and plant over it.

We start out with the proven success of dry composting toilet in urban setting - urine diverting seat to prevent odor, and end with a permanent fixture that RECLAIMS place for nature.

Why a composting toilet? 

A third of the household water is used for toilet flushing, a very wasteful way to use potable water. Composting toilets also save energy (because potable water has to be treated extensively to drinking water standard and the wastewater from toilet flushing needs to be treated again before being discharged into waterways. Both of these are highly energy intensive.) Composting toilets also retain nutrients that would otherwise be 'wasted' by being flushed away, which pollutes our rivers and bays. These nutrients could be used for growing plants, and reduce dependence on chemical and imported fertilizers. Composting humanure could also help prevent hygienic problems and the spread of desease, in situations where there is sever disruption of water supply and waste water treatment systems. READ MORE HERE