Self-watering planters because every drop counts!

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2010 04 10 009 This triple-decker self-watering system was showcased at the Encuentro por Una Vida Autonoma in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico in 2009.  This working model is made of reclaimed water jugs turned upside-down and hung from a simple frame.  The frame rests on 2 buckets filled with any  dense substance that works to both keep the bottom layer of plants off the ground and ... READ MORE

Clean Water Components

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Pentair ValveTo resolve the difficulty of finding the parts needed for greywater and rainwater systems, Oakland water activists started an online supply company that makes it easier and more efficient to install these systems. The website has clear instructions for a variety of systems and all the components that would be necessary to complete the project. It is our mission to provide you with quality information and products which promote the ... READ MORE

"Laundry to Landscape" Greywater Systems

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LaundrytolandscapeCalifornias new greywater code allows single and two- family dwellings to install greywater systems from the washing machine without a permit so long as 12 conditions are met, including use of a diverter valve that can direct the greywater back to the sewer or septic when diapers are washed. A clear label for the valve and an operation/maintenance manual that stays with the house are also required. The greywater may be distributed ... READ MORE


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Grgich Pond 2From their conception, flowforms have been a part of the Biodynamic agriculture movement. The rhythmic and spiraling flow is widely recognized among Biodynamic farmers as a key component in the proper handling of the compost preparations before application onto the fields. They have proven very useful for larger farms where manual stirring is less achievable. There are hundreds of thousands of acres across the globe being treated ... READ MORE

A Rotating Clothesline

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A rotating clothes line for drying clothes outside with the sun the old fashioned wayby Enrique Sanchez

Inspired by Christina Bertea's circular clothesline, I thought, if I could make the clothes line spin, the clothes would dry faster. I was wondering how I could to make a spinning device without too many moving parts and also be fairly quiet. I thought of using magnets and on www.GreenPower Science.com. I found an example of ... READ MORE


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Dscn1720 1 1As a sequel to Rainflower (featured on the cover of Serious Fun), Raintree sought to add another function to the rain-catching sculpture concept. During Californias dry summers, the recycled vinyl-convention-banner fabric funnel can be removed while the wooden branches support a circling clothesline that serves to dry clothes in the sunshine.