Vertical Farming, it's what's up!

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In Chicago and all over the world, urban farmers are realizing that the most accessible real estate is what's above them, as the large swaths of acres of land are not available in the city like they are in rural areas.  For long-term sustainability and to reduce waste, cost and transport, people are looking into closed-loop food production systems housed indoors using vertical space instead of ... READ MORE

Self-watering planters because every drop counts!

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2010 04 10 009 This triple-decker self-watering system was showcased at the Encuentro por Una Vida Autonoma in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico in 2009.  This working model is made of reclaimed water jugs turned upside-down and hung from a simple frame.  The frame rests on 2 buckets filled with any  dense substance that works to both keep the bottom layer of plants off the ground and ... READ MORE

Feed Greedy Plants, Not Greedy Banks

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With the composting toilet garden! 

By Tara Hui and Judith Henning, November 2011

ImageWe created this toilet to help occupy SPACE - for human and nature.

This composting toilet model is specifically designed for the occupation movement. It combines features of several types of composting toilet into one - urine diverting dry compost toilet, tree bog, and the traditional way of just digging a whole ... READ MORE

The Oyster Mushroom Chair

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by Enrique Sanchez

I had attended a lecture given by Paul Stamets. One of the topics he spoke about was bio-remediation. He mentioned that oyster mushroom's mycelium can absorb and decompose oil. He also tested the fruiting body, the mushroom itself and found no traces of petroleum. The oyster mushrooms were edible! 

A few months had passed. I changed the oil in my car and placed the used oil in the back of my pickup truck. ... READ MORE

Soil Restoration With Used Straw

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Lab7by Carolyn North

Severe flooding in Northern California left some valley land scoured down to bedrock. In one such place, the pit was used for ten years as a dumping ground for landslide debris ñ rock, rubble, clay and the occasional old tire. In the year 2000, we were given permission to try and restore one acre of this land to fertility, using mostly the animal-bedding straw from the local County Fair.

For two years we brought in ... READ MORE

Art From Garbage

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Henrythefish Angela Pozzi creates giant fish sculptures made from plastics gathered off local Oregon beaches.
Her latest project, Washed Ashore, is a collaborative multimedia effort to raise awareness and stimulate conversation about plastic debris in the ocean and washed up on beaches. Anybody who has stepped inside her Bioluminescent Sea Cave knows her passion for the ocean and the pleasure she takes in reinventing found objects. Her latest ... READ MORE