Vertical Farming, it's what's up!

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In Chicago and all over the world, urban farmers are realizing that the most accessible real estate is what's above them, as the large swaths of acres of land are not available in the city like they are in rural areas.  For long-term sustainability and to reduce waste, cost and transport, people are looking into closed-loop food production systems housed indoors using vertical space instead of ... READ MORE

Urban Gardening Free for All

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Farmers MarketSpring into Bed has taken on a new meaning in Seattle.  It's the seed of an idea that has sprouted into The Just Garden Project, a way for anyone and everyone who wants to grow food in their yard to be able to do just that - for free!  Friends and partners Stephanie and Michael Seliga recently began the Just Garden Project and Eat your Yard edible landscaping, an event and a year-round business ... READ MORE

Incredible Edible Todmorden, a town growing all its own food - in public!

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Article 2072383 0 Eff567300000578 764 468x286Outside the police station in the small Victorian mill town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, there are three large raised flower beds.If youd visited a few months ago, youd have found them overflowing with curly kale, carrot plants, lettuces, spring onions all manner of vegetables and salad leaves.
Today the beds are bare. Why? Because people have been wandering up to ... READ MORE

Self-watering planters because every drop counts!

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2010 04 10 009 This triple-decker self-watering system was showcased at the Encuentro por Una Vida Autonoma in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico in 2009.  This working model is made of reclaimed water jugs turned upside-down and hung from a simple frame.  The frame rests on 2 buckets filled with any  dense substance that works to both keep the bottom layer of plants off the ground and ... READ MORE

Gift circles for easy interdependence and mutual prosperity

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Ever wish you could get a haircut and a flat tire fixed without using money but suspected the barber and the mechanic wouldn't be interested in your sleeping bag or your web design services?  A gift circle gives everyone equal opportunity to express their needs (and hopefully get them met) and offer their gifts in a way that doesn't require direct exchange but allows all ... READ MORE

Re-Skilling - Relearning what our grandparents knew

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Re Skilling Yarn

At the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, CA, you can go beyond growing food and learn how to: grow medicine, grow fibers and plants to dye them with; process the fibers into clothes; make soaps and salves; preserve food with low-tech techniques like fermentation and drying; and wildforage local plant protein sources like acorns.

Re-skilling requires that we connect more deeply ... READ MORE

Neighbors Sharing Land = more food, more community

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Living Lands Agrarian Network

Potential Farm LandAre you searching for land to grow food on? Or do you know someone who has land searching for a farmer? The Living Lands Agrarian Network, based in Nevada City, CA, provides a model for bringing landholders and landless farmers together. They offer training and mentorship to aspiring farmers through a diverse network of farmers and farms. When a trainee is ... READ MORE

Hooping for Fun and Health!

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Alameda Farmer's Marketby Jan Camp, author of Into the Circle: Hula Hooping in California and Beyond

Hoopdance, or simply hooping, embodies the spirit of serious fun by contributing to individual and universal wellness through play. It is an affordable, low impact aerobic exercise that is available to everyone. At farmers markets across the country, hoopers give demonstrations and sell hoops. The aim, for both the farmers and the ... READ MORE

Neighborhood Crop Swaps

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Crop6In Berkeley, California a newly formed grassroots group, Transition Berkeley, held the city's first Crop Swap

A few dozen local residents happily exchanged home-grown goodies that thrive in this micro-climate in July: lemons and rhubarb, parsley and eggs. The freshly harvested produce was set out on two folding tables and a couple of blankets, and people filled their baskets and bags with greens and ... READ MORE

Kiss the Cook, and the Farmer, Too!

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Moira Productions produces documentary programming for public television. A common purpose of all our projects (films, study guides, and online resources) is to create informed civil discourse around complex and often controversial issues. 

We gravitate towards stories that model solutions and offer hope.

Moira Productions films are a catalyst for social engagement. They have a point of view--eschewing the politics of ... READ MORE

The Great Sunflower Project

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Screen Shot 2011 06 29 At 9.27.34 AmMany studies have been done on our agricultural bee populations and in recent times the commercial beekeepers have experienced colony collapse. What scientists had not studied on a large scale was how the wild bees were doing and what effect that has on pollination of garden plants, crops and wild plants. In 2008, we started this project as a way to gather information about our urban, suburban and rural bee populations. We wanted ... READ MORE

Pay What You Can Restaurants

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Screen Shot 2011 06 29 At 9.23.52 AmRonald Saich, the founder and chairman of Panera Bread, has sculpted his company into one of the most successful small restaurant chains in the country. He's also done something no other chain has done before.

By creating a unique, pay-what-you-can model at three "Panera Cares" cafes around the country -- and more are coming soon -- he has proven an idea that seems revolutionary for a large corporation, but is actually very simple: ... READ MORE

The Sisters Project

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Latisha FamilybwA focus for generosity and innovation, DAILY BREAD has spawned several creative efforts, one of which is THE SISTERS PROJECT, founded by Meredith Stout and the late Zelma Brown. THE SISTERS PROJECT began at the Women's Drop-In Center as photography and poetry about the women, and evolved into live theater pieces, and eventually, a DVD called "Walk in My Shoes."

See a video featuring Meredith Stout at Facebook

The Daily Bread Project

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Carolyn1Since 1983, the urban gleaning project in Berkeley, California, DAILY BREAD has been picking up surplus food from restaurants, bakeries, groceries and caterers and bringing it to free food programs and shelters. Over the years, thousands of pounds of nutritious food that might otherwise have become landfill, have fed thousands of people. 

DAILY BREAD works exclusively with volunteers and has no budget. You can read more about ... READ MORE